Eurojackpot is one of the younger lotteries in the European region, but it is already home to some of the largest cash prizes anywhere. With starting jackpots guaranteed at €10 million and jackpots capable of topping out at €90 million, it surprises exactly no one that this lottery sells tickets by the boatload.

Previously, it was only possible to participate from one of the 17 countries in which the lottery operates. Now, you can buy Eurojackpot tickets online from nearly any country in the world, thanks to the following lottery websites. All you need is an account at any of these websites, and you too can take a shot at one of the biggest regular jackpots in the world.

Eurojackpot Lottery Overview

The first Eurojackpot drawing was held in 2012 and had been drawing every Friday since then. In 2014, one lucky player broke the record and took home a jackpot worth €61.1 million. The record was broken again in 2015 when a player from the Czech Republic hit the big one for €90 million.

Several major advantages make Eurojackpot a popular drawing. First of all, it has excellent odds when you consider the size of the jackpot. Your chances of winning this one are even better than taking the top prize in the always-popular EuroMillions drawing. Furthermore, this one offers 12 prize levels which means more chances to win cash prizes. Finally, a large starting jackpot ensures that this one always has a worthwhile prize up for grabs. Matching every number in a drawing result in a payout of at least €10 million and often quite a bit more than that.

To be fair, the EuroMillions are more likely to host even bigger jackpots. However, that happens because the odds are worse in that one, and jackpots are more likely to roll over to the next drawing when no one wins. The Eurojackpot, by comparison, has better odds and is more likely to result in a winner during any given drawing.

Eurojackpot also has a jackpot cap of €90 million. If it exceeds that amount, further rollovers are added to the second-tier prize pool until that too reaches €90 million. Subsequent rollovers add the prize money to each level below that until someone finally wins the whole thing, and the jackpot resets at €10 million for the next drawing.

Buy EuroJackpot Tickets Online

Online sales of Eurojackpot tickets are prohibited in some participating countries and allowed in others. For this reason, many millions of people are left with the option to buy tickets through a delivery service such as those mentioned above. The basic concept behind these services is simple: they accept your order and then send someone out to buy real tickets as per your order. You can choose custom numbers or let the service pick them for you at random.

You can also visit for a list of local lottery sites in each of the 17 participating countries. It’s possible you can buy them online from your country’s official retailer. If not, head to one of the lottery sites recommended near the top of this page to buy tickets no matter where you live.

How EuroJackpot Lottery Works

When you buy a Eurojackpot ticket online, you are asked to select five numbers ranging from 1-50 and an additional two numbers ranging from 1-10. If you match all seven numbers, you win the jackpot. If you don’t match them all, there are an additional eleven lower tiers that also offer various payouts.

Drawings are held every Friday in Helsinki, Finland, and the results are announced shortly thereafter. You can check your tickets manually at any lottery site, but you will also be notified by the website from which you bought your ticket if you qualify for any prize at all. And on that note, your odds of winning any cash prize are 1 in 42.

All prizes are issued tax-free, so you keep every single euro you win. However, you should check your local tax laws to make sure you don’t owe taxes in your locale.

EuroJackpot Prize Levels and Odds

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