is a UK-licensed lottery betting site headquartered in the Isle of Man with offices in London. For anyone here to determine whether LottoGo is a scam or not, I can say upfront that we have determined this site is legitimate and does exactly what it says with one exception (which I will discuss below).

LottoGo offers a way for you to bet on the world’s biggest drawings without ever purchasing a ticket. This is actually a lottery betting service, which means you are only betting on the lottery outcome. Payouts, however, are always matched 100% with the cash payout option of the underlying lottery, so the result is the same as if you had purchased a ticket.

The process for betting at is nearly the same as it is for purchasing actual lottery tickets. You choose your game, choose how many drawings you want to bet on, and then pick your numbers. LottoGo then monitors the results and pays you the full prize minus applicable taxes if you have the winning numbers.

Large jackpot payouts are backed by insurance contracts purchased by LottoGo that activate in the case of an exceptional win. In some cases, when jackpots get excessively large, actually does go out and buy tickets from the lottery on behalf of customers to cover itself in the case of those rare jackpots that balloon up beyond what even their insurance provider is willing to cover.

LottoGo is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (see license here) as a casino and general betting site. The betting portion of the license applies to LottoGo’s lottery betting options. At the same time, the casino portion of the license applies to a variety of scratch cards and slots that are also offered on the website. is also licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. All customer funds are held in a segregated bank account on the Isle of Man, which is subject to a quarterly review by the Commission.

Additionally, LottoGo has been featured in various news outlets after paying customers large sums of money. One customer from Bolton, UK, was featured in the Mirror after winning £840,000 from the website when it was known as World Lottery Club back in 2016.

World Lottery Club Rebrands to formerly operated under the brand “World Lottery Club,” which we reviewed when it operated under that name. LottoGo offers a similar experience with a few minor changes along the way but overall offers the same general experience.

Annexio Limited, which operates LottoGo, decided to rebrand in July 2018 to make the brand “more exciting, more vibrant and easier to understand.” The decision seems sensible because the word “club” in World Lottery Club threw me off at first as well. I thought it might be a syndicate club rather than a standard lottery betting site the first time I heard the name.

Little has changed since World Lottery Club became The site still offers lottery betting and most of the same instant-win games online. What minor changes have been made since World Lottery Club rebranded have been noted in our up-to-date review here.

The One Major Issue with LottoGo

When I said LottoGo “is legitimate and does exactly what it says with one exception” at the beginning of this review, I was referring to a piece of text found on the terms and conditions page, which reads as follows:

“You can only withdraw funds from your Player Account that are Winnings.”

What this means is does not allow you to withdraw the money you have deposited. You may only withdraw winnings. If you deposit £100 and spend half of it on bets without winning anything, you will not be allowed to withdraw the remaining £50.

This is not quite the touch of death from a legitimacy point of view, but it is definitely something you should know before doing business here. Do not deposit more funds than you are prepared to spend because you may only withdraw what you win. The good news is the minimum withdrawal is £10, and LottoGo does have a verified history of paying out big wins to players.

Lotteries Offered at

LottoGo covers the biggest lotteries globally, including EuroMillions, Mega Millions, Powerball, and UK Lotto, in addition to many other national lotteries that have a history of providing big wins relative to prices.

The selection of lotteries that allow single-drawing wagers is a bit limited compared to some of the bigger lottery sites out there, but LottoGo does have a few additional syndicate-only drawings as well to add some variety.

The first portion of the table below shows all lotteries that support single bets. The second portion of the table shows all syndicate options. You’ll see the lottery name, the amount you can get in for (as well as how many chances this amount provides), and how many ways prizes are split.

LotterySingle Bet Price 
EuroMillions£2.50 per chance 
Mega Millions£3.00 per chance 
Powerball£3.00 per chance 
UK Lotto£2.00 per chance 
SuperEnalotto£2.00 per chance 
Irish Lotto£2.00 per chance 
EuroJackpot£2.00 per chance 
Oz Lotto£1.50 per chance 
Australia Mon & Wed Lotto£0.50 per chance 
Australia Powerball£1.00 per chance 
Australia Saturday£1.00 per chance 
Polish Lotto£0.60 per chance 
German 6aus49£1.00 per chance 
Syndicate Lotteries1 Share PriceYour Proportion of Winnings
(per share)
EuroMillions+£3.50 (55 chances)1/150
EuroJackpot+£2.00 (45 chances)1/150
Mega Millions+£2.00 (15 chances)1/150
Powerball+£3.50 (26 chances)1/150
Polish Lotto+£1.50 (44 chances)1/150
German 6aus49£1.00 (49 chances)1/150
Swedish Lotto+£1.00 (29 chances)1/150
Finnish Lotto+£1.00 (34 chances)1/150
Euro Combo
(EuroMillions and EuroJackpot)
£9.00 (155 total chances across both lottos)1/150
Australia Saturday+£2.00 (90 chances)1/90
Oz Lotto+£2.50 (90 chances)1/90
Australia Powerball+£1.50 (90 chances)1/90
Irish Lotto+£2.50 (42 chances)1/150
UK Lotto+£3.00 (54 chances)1/150
SuperEnalotto£3.00 (85 chances)1/150

LottoGo Instant Scratch Cards

Lotteries are not the only product on offer on the LottoGo website. In addition to regular lotteries, has a large selection of scratch card games that allow you to play online, see your results and claim any winnings immediately.

There are quite a few scratch cards to choose from, and the graphics on all are above-average compared to the games offered at competing websites. One thing that jumped out at me is LottoGo publishes the odds of winning visibly in front of every scratch card for which it has that information (the site has games from multiple providers, and not all providers provide that information).

Below are a few screenshots chosen from random scratch card games and a table that lists all scratch cards, the top prize for each, and the odds of winning any prize.

Scratch Card Screenshots

Full List of Scratch Cards

GameSingle Bet PriceTop PrizeOdds of Any Win
Lucky Keno£4.00£40,000Varies
Mega Millions Scratch Card£3.00£150,0001 in 1.84
Mega Millions Lite£0.30£15,0001 in 1.84
Powerball Scratch Card£3.00£150,0001 in 1.60
Powerball Lite£0.30£15,0001 in 1.60
EuroMillions Scratch Card£2.50£100,0001 in 2.30
EuroMillions Lite£0.25£10,0001 in 2.30
Royal Charm£5.00£50,000Not published
Hero Quest£1.00£100,0001 in 3.28
The Alchemist X3£3.00£150,0001 in 1.99
Super Shamrock£0.15£1,5001 in 3.53
Gold Hunt£1.00£10,0001 in 3.46
Atari Asteroids£1.00£12,500Not published
Atari Star Raiders£0.50£100,0001 in 6.06
Most Wanted£3.00Range Rover Evoque1 in 1.98
33 Chances£2.00£20,000Not published
Horseshoe£0.50 / 5 games£1,000Not published
Mighty 40£1.25£100,0001 in 2.64
Rio Bingo£0.50£250Not published
100K Cash£1.00£100,0001 in 3.10
Elephant£0.50 / 10 games£500Not published
Ocean Fortune£1.00£60,0001 in 3.32
Dragon Scrolls£0.50£1,0001 in 3.34
Feline Queen£1.00£100,0001 in 2.30
777£0.50£7,7771 in 3.52
Raid the Piggy Bank£0.25£2,5001 in 4.35
Lucky Irish£3.00£44,4441 in 2.86
Fruity Flurry£0.80£50,000Not published
Fruit Basket£1.50£60,0001 in 3.34
Pocket Filler£2.00£182,5001 in 1.74
Cops & Robbers£0.50£125,0001 in 2.77
Disco Disco£0.50£10,0001 in 2.53
BarnVille£1.00£75,0001 in 1.94
Zodiac Fortune£1.00£40,0001 in 2.71
Cash Cuisine£1.00£100,0001 in 3.10
Mega Love£1.25£10,0001 in 2.71
The Alchemist£1.00£50,0001 in 1.99

LottoGo Slots

If you ever need a break from the world of lottery games but still of a mind to gamble, has a fairly large selection of online slots from various providers. These slots are all available for instant play through the website with no download necessary.

The slots portfolio consists of games from Quickspin and PariPlay, both of which are high-quality software developers that produce modern games with crisp graphics. You’ll find games of all different themes ranging from whimsical fantasy-style games to others featuring the Three Stooges. Overall, the variety should be adequate for anyone looking to get away from the lottery for a while.

Although many of the slots feature stunning graphics, the only complaint is that the effect is somewhat diminished because all games open in small, pop-up windows on the LottoGo website. I found myself sometimes squinting to see what was going on. I indeed have a large, high-res monitor, but this would not be a problem if it were possible to resize the lottery games or even expand them to full-screen.

Here are a few screenshots taken from random slot games:

Deposits and Withdrawals

LottoGo comes up a little short in this category with only two methods for funding your account and withdrawing: Visa and MasterCard. LottoGo will also credit the card you use to deposit back with any winnings.

The minimum free withdrawal amount is £10. You may withdraw as little as £1, but LottoGo reserves the right to charge a handling fee for amounts under £10. Withdrawals are processed back to your bank account within 3-5 business days in most cases.

Restricted Countries

LottoGo is a little vague in listing which countries are restricted other than to state that customers from the United States are not accepted. For everyone else, the terms and conditions state that you must not be “located at the time of placing a bet in any country in which you are not permitted to use our services.”