PlayHugeLottos is an experienced lottery site that started way back in 1998 as a simple website designed to help international customers play in the UK National Lottery. Back then, they operated on the domain and made a name for themselves as a quick and reliable way to play the lottery from just about anywhere in the world.

Moving forward to the modern-day, is one of the bigger lottery sites in operation. This is a well-established company that has proven to be reputable over the years.

Our PlayHugeLottos review will go into great detail describing what it does well and what it does not so well. Still, we can preface our review with our opinion that this is a safe and reputable place to buy lottery tickets online.

Disclosure: We have financial ties with many of the lottery sites we discuss, including We would also like to plainly state that these relationships do not impact our reviews in the slightest. There are many lottery operators out there with which we could choose to work, but we make it a point only to work with sites proven to be safe and legitimate. is available exclusively to customers 18 or older. Site terms and conditions can be found here.

What is Offered at

PlayHugeLottos provides real tickets to 15 international lotteries in addition to a selection of keno games, instant win games, and scratch cards. The collection of international lotteries includes all the biggest drawings in the world, such as Powerball, Mega Millions, El Gordo, the UK Lottery, EuroMillions, and more.

Real Lottery Tickets

When you purchase actual lottery tickets through PlayHugeLottos, they send an agent to buy a real ticket in-person at an authorized retailer. You pay a premium to cover the costs of sending someone to buy a physical ticket, but the upside is PlayHugeLottos does not charge any commission on your winnings.

Any prizes you win from pickets purchased through are yours to keep, and no commissions are taken from the prize amount. You keep 100% minus any mandatory tax withholdings.

The full list of lotteries available at includes:

PowerballSuperEna MaxMega MillionsEl Gordo
SuperEnalottoLa PrimitivaEuroMillionsOz Lotto
UK LotteryEl Gordo NavidadEuroJackpotMega Sena
France LotoOz PowerballLotto 6aus49 

Lottery Betting

In addition to real tickets, PlayHugeLottos also offers simple lottery betting on the outcomes of drawings. Lottery betting does not involve real tickets at any point but still provides players with payouts matched 100% to the real-world jackpots.

PlayHugeLottos can afford to do so via agreements it has with specialized insurance carriers. Any time you see PlayHugeLottos offering bigger jackpots than the official lottery, it’s because you are betting on the lottery in that instance. Occasionally, PlayHugeLottos adds money to the prize pool to make it more exciting for players. Whenever this happens, it is actually a better value to bet on the lottery than to buy tickets due to the enhanced payouts.

Reading through the PlayHugeLottos terms & conditions page does not reveal anything too troubling. The one issue that sticks out is PlayHugeLottos retains the right to choose between providing a lump sum payout or taking the annuity option.

We would much prefer you to have your own say in the matter, but this is not an issue specific to PlayHugeLottos. Every lottery site we have reviewed to date maintains a similar policy. It’s not a deal-breaker, in our opinion, but it is definitely worth noting.

PlayHugeLottos Welcome Bonus

You can get up to 10 free entries with your first purchase at PlayHugeLottos. After you sign up for an account, you will receive anywhere from 1 to 10 free lottery tickets depending on how many entries you purchase on your first order.

The more entries you buy, the more free tickets you get:

  • Purchase 2 entries: Get 1 entry free
  • Purchase 3 entries: Get 2 entries free
  • Purchase 5 entries: Get 5 entries free
  • Purchase 8 entries: Get 10 entries free

The terms and conditions for this offer are straightforward, and there is no hidden trickery. The most important terms to note are that this offer only extends for 12 days after signing up for an account and that your vouchers are only valid for 10 days.

Claim your bonus at:

Promotions and Competitions

PlayHugeLottos stands out among lottery sites with frequent promotions and competitions. While other sites barely offer a welcome offer to entice new players, PlayHugeLottos keeps the rewards coming long after you have become a customer.

Each year, they hold at least one major giveaway in which they award a major vacation. The annual Monaco F1 Grand Prix trip is their most famous, and it is one they have held each year since 2012. For example, last year’s Grand Prix vacation winner was awarded a prize package including:

  • Plane tickets for 2 to France
  • Private helicopter rides to Monaco
  • 4 nights at Le Meridien Beach Plaza
  • Friday evening drinks reception/meet and greet with F1 racing legends
  • Transportation between the hotel and the race
  • VIP suite for Saturday’s qualifying racing
  • Sunday trackside viewing from a yacht with full hospitality included

The Monaco vacation is just one of many major trips has given to customers. They have also sent people on luxury Asian cruises, trips to see the Cricket World Cup in Mumbai, and more.

One past promotion gave a customer his choice of free beer or free lottery tickets for a year. A different promotion gave players free tickets into every drawing of major lotteries for life or until they won the top jackpot in that lottery.

New online lottery promotions are announced regularly, so you’ll need to check the PlayHugeLottos website to see what they have on offer right now. It is always something different, but it is almost always something you’ll find enticing.

Other Games Offered

The PlayHugeLottos website has expanded over the years to offer additional games beyond merely lottery drawings. Online keno, scratch cards, and instant win games are also available to all customers.

Online Keno

PlayHugeLottos introduced two keno games in 2017 as a part of an overall strategy of appealing to a wider player base. These keno games are managed in-house and are not connected to any official lottery, but they offer a similar experience. The biggest advantage here is that the keno games run every three minutes and keep the action going during slow times when there are no interesting lottery drawings.

The two games are called Keno 9 and Keno 12. Both feature a total of 80 possible numbers to be drawn. At the beginning of each game, you pick either 9 or 12 numbers and then wait for the system to pick numbers at random. The more matches you get, the more you win.

Keno 9 offers a maximum payout of €50,000 for getting all nine numbers correct, while Keno 12 offers a maximum payout of €1,000,000 if you get all twelve. Both games also offer smaller payouts for only getting some of your picks correct.

Scratch Cards

The scratch cards at PlayHugeLottos are the digital equivalent of scratch cards you would buy at the local petrol station. In these games, you buy the card and then use your mouse to scratch it off to reveal the winning symbols.

There are 18 scratch cards in total, and each is unique compared to the rest in terms of paytables, odds of winning, and ticket price. Many offers discounted prices if you purchase cards in bulk. The following chart shows the minimum and maximum payouts, but each card can have as many as 20 individual pay levels with varying payouts.

Scratch Card GameMinimum PayoutMaximum PayoutPrices
Halloween$0.50$250,0001 Game: $1.50


5 Games: $7.05

10 Games: $13.50

$100,000 CashFree Play$100,0001 Game: $1.00


5 Games: $4.70

10 Games: $9.00

Star Match$0.25$10,0001 Game: $0.75


5 Games: $3.53

10 Games: $6.75

Full BloomFree Play$2,5001 Game: $1.50


5 Games: $7.05

10 Games: $13.50

Bicho Mania$0.25$4,0005 Games: $2.00


10 Games: $4.00

25 Games: $10.00

Raid the Piggy Bank$0.10$2,5005 Games: $1.25


10 Games: $2.35

25 Games: $5.63

Moorhuhn$0.35$70,0001 Game: $0.70


5 Games: $3.50

10 Games: $7.00

Super Shamrock$0.05$1,50010 Games: $1.50


20 Games: $2.82

30 Games: $4.05

Elephant$0.01$50010 Games: $0.50


20 Games: $1.00

30 Games: $1.50

Fruity Flurry$0.10$50,0001 Game: $0.80


5 Games: $3.80

10 Games: $7.20

777$0.25$7,7771 Game: $0.50


5 Games: $2.35

10 Games: $4.50

33 Chances$2$20,0001 Game: $2.00


5 Games: $9.40

10 Games: $18.00

Horseshoe$0.02$1,00010 Games: $1.00


20 Games: $2.00

30 Games: $3.00

Footie Frenzy$0.80$60,0001 Game: $2.00


5 Games: $10.00

10 Games: $20.00

German League$0.80$80,0001 Game: $2.50


5 Games: $12.50

10 Games: $25.00

Euro Champions$1.00$100,0001 Game: $3.00


5 Games: $15.00

10 Games: $30.00

Swedish League$0.50$40,0001 Game: $1.50


5 Games: $7.05

10 Games: $13.50

Eurocup$1.00$16,0001 Game: $3.00


5 Games: $15.00

10 Games: $30.00

Instant Win Games

The instant win games at PlayHugeLottos are basically glorified scratch cards but are quite fun nonetheless. These games differ from the scratch cards in that they are much more interactive and include elements of skill to create a more immersive experience.

For example, one game will have you searching for secret doorways in an ancient Egyptian tomb, while another will have you attempting to smack flying pumpkins and ghosts as they fly across the screen. One game even closely resembles Bejeweled as you swap adjacent pieces to create a row of three identical pieces to score points.

We should note that the outcome in these games is still based entirely on luck. The skill elements serve as a way to keep things interesting, but you can always click the “fast forward” button to skip ahead and see what you’ve won.

Customers can play the various instant win games for as little as 0.20 in some cases and as much as 20.00 per round. Top prizes max out as high as $250,000 in some games. There are 10 instant win games as of this review, and you can see the screenshots below for an idea of what these games are like in action.

Making Deposits and Getting Paid

PlayHugeLottos does an admirable job at making sure players worldwide have multiple options for funding their accounts and getting paid.

Deposit Methods

Credit cardsEntropay Virtual VisaEFT / Bank TransferNeteller
EutellerGiropayBoleto BancarioPrzelewy24
SofortEPSTrustlyQiwi Wallet

Withdrawal Methods

Lottery winnings are deposited automatically into your player account. From there, you have the option to withdraw the winnings to your bank account or convert them into play credits with a 25% top-up bonus.

Extra-large winnings (think jackpot size) will result in someone from PlayHugeLottos contacting you to arrange payment. PlayHugeLottos does not offer hard numbers as to what it considers “large amounts.” Still, most lottery sites automatically pay winnings of less than a few thousand dollars and then set up special arrangements for amounts larger than that.

PlayHugeLottos electronic funds transfers, international bank wires, Neteller, and Skrill as withdrawal options. If you have a Neteller or Skrill account, that is always an option for withdrawal. Otherwise, PlayHugeLottos will attempt to send your money to you via conventional electronic funds transfer. If your banking system does not support EFTs, PlayHugeLottos will initiate an international bank wire. Paper cheques can also be sent as a last resort if none of the other options work.

Restricted Countries

PlayHugeLottos does not accept customers from the USA, South Africa, Pakistan, or the United Kingdom.